Who Made Sujeeth A Criminal?

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One man who is affected the most with the result of Saaho is its director Sujeeth. The one-film old filmmaker got a chance of directing Prabhas right in his second film but he couldn't handle such a massive project and faltered pretty badly. Bad things do happen to every one of us and we should accept it and move on. But Sujeeth is not in any such mood.

In a recent interview, Sujeeth stated, "I made the film that Prabhas sir, my producers, and I believed in. Though there were a vast number of audiences who came to watch the film, I am still a victim here. I did not commit a crime to treat me rudely." To be honest, no one treated him rudely.

At the end of the day, the film is his baby and he is responsible for its success or failure. He should be ready to accept any result. People criticized the film and opined that Sujeeth couldn't handle the project. They didn't lash out on him and made him a criminal. Everyone knows that he needs experience and no one stated that he is a bad filmmaker. Sujeeth should learn a way to deal with criticism before making such statements.

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