Who Is Congress Party's Star Campaigner?

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The Congress is facing a tough challenge in both Maharashtra and Haryana, which are in poll mode. The Congress has to win these two states to salvage at least some of its lost prestige. It has to work hard to show that it is still in the fight. But, who are Congress Party's star campaigners in these two state elections?

Rahul Gandhi is out of the country and no one knows where he is. The Congress sources have only revealed that he has gone to "the country that he always goes to." So, Rahul Gandhi is not going to campaign in the election as there are just two weeks for the elections. As for Sonia Gandhi, she is quite ill and is not in a position to campaign. Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has never been a star campaigner. Even when he was the PM, he used to speak sparingly in public meetings.

So, Congress really has no star campaigners worth the name. The biggest fallout of this is that senior leaders, who have some influence locally, are focusing only on their supporters. They are campaigning in only those constituencies.

The biggest sufferers are young leaders who do not belong to any such groups. As a result, no one is campaigning in their constituencies. They are completely orphaned and have lost their will to fight. As a result, these elections are being deemed a complete walkover to the BJP.
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