Who Is Behind YS Jagan's CM Name-Plate?

No one can ever beat the TDP in the art of misinformation. There is some meaning if the misinformation machinery works overtime during the election time. Now the elections are over and the dust is settling in Andhra Pradesh, one expects that the misinformation factories are closed down. But, the factories are not just working but are in fact working overtime.

Take the case of YS Jagan getting a name-plate prepared for himself with 'Chief Minister' written below his name. This image did rounds on the social media and the TDP commented that this showed how power hungry Jagan is. But, the fact is, no one gets a name plate prepared for himself. It is the general administration department that prepares the name-plate. How did the TDP campaign mission forget this elementary thing? An individual can get a name-plate prepares for his residence. But, there is no such name plate yet in front of the main gate of the Lotus Pond. So, why this misinformation? What can anyone achieve by such false propaganda now that the elections are already over? Well! Only TDP can answer.