Who Is Behind Narasimhan Rejecting T-Municipal Bill?

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Governor ESL Narasimhan turned down the Telangana Municipal Bill citing many loopholes led to the speculation about the role played by BJP in the whole episode. This development happened after Former Union Minister Bandaru Dattatreya and other T-BJP Leaders met Narasimhan over the new Municipal Act. Speculations are in circulation that Narasimhan might have rejected the bill after receiving clear orders from the centre.

Telangana CM KCR isn't okay with what has happened as he took utmost care during the preparation of the draft bill. TRS Leaders are of the view that Narasimhan should have conveyed what needs to be done to KCR in advance rather than rejecting the bill after it was cleared by the Assembly.

After the rejection, TRS Government made necessary changes in the Municipal Bill before issuing an ordinance. Now, The Bill has to be re-introduced in the Assembly to obtain clearance.

Does the whole episode offer an indication that BJP won't make it a smooth sailing for TRS from now onwards? Probably!

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