Who Captured Renu Desai?

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Renu Desai got engaged to a Pune-based Businessman last year but their marriage is yet to happen. That is why doubts have been raised by many over the wedding and people wondered if all is well. In her recent interview, The Former Actress clarified marriage is very much going to happen and they are just sorting out everything to end wedlock.  

With her latest Instagram post, Renu Desai has yet again offered ample clarity on what's happening in her life. While sharing a lovely picture captured by her Fiance, She wrote: 'And as he captures me in the rays of the setting Sun, he quietly mumbles to himself that he thought today was amavasya, but looks like he was wrong and it's poornima tonight...looking at my confused expression, he tells me to figure it out myself...'.  

Isn't this enough to say they both have become so close already and ready for marriage? Send your best wishes to the couple!  

Speculations are abuzz that Renu Desai will make an entry into Bigg Boss 3 house as a contestant. She is yet to respond on these unofficial reports in circulation.


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