Who Among Mega Family Made Fans Extremely Happy?

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Mega Family has most number of heroes than any other and similarly, the fan base is huge too. From Megastar Chiranjeevi to Ram Charan to Allu Arjun to Pawan Kalyan, the popularity of the actors among the Telugu families is undeniably huge. But who made them happy in 2019? Let's look at it ...

Sai Tej finally found some good fortunes at box office and he decided to use Sai Tej as his screen name opposed to Sai Dharam Tej. Chitralahari and Prathi Roju Pandage, made him & Mega fans happy to an extent. Still his full fledged big hit is eagerly awaited.

Varun Tej must be the happiest. The actor scored two hits in 2019. F2 with Venkatesh in comedy genre and Gaddalakonda Ganesh in a negative hero character, he pulled off variety this year. Mega fans are doubly happy with his progress.

Allu Arjun did not make any movies and he did not attend events to make big comments too. His Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo songs are big hits and going viral too. For Sankranthi 2020, he may turn the tide around for Mega fans as 2018, 2019 Sankranthi seasons gave them nightmares after a great lap of honour in 2017 with Khaidi No. 150, announcing comeback of Megastar. There is still small divide between his fans and Pawan Kalyan fans, which he may try to erase in coming years.

Ram Charan Tej had a mixed year. He delivered a hit film as producer, started shooting for RRR but as an actor, delivered one of his most embarrassing films. Mega fans were unhappy with his strategy in promoting Sye Raa and they reckon it as an opportunity lost. But they are happy that he gave such a great character to Megastar, which will be remembered.

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan disappointed his fans. They still support him but they are unhappy that he did not gauge the dip in following for his party before elections and rectified it in time. They feel embarrassed that he lost in 2 seats and have told to themselves that they have to wait for their good times. Powerstar will be back on screen with Pink remake in 2020.

Megastar Chiranjeevi too gave Mega fans mixed feelings. While politically his stand divided them, his performance in the role of Uyyalavada Narasimha Reddy in Sye Raa made them proud. Movie not making enough money outside Telugu markets did disappoint them but his performance made them happy.

On the whole, the mega family had their share of happy and unhappy moments. Still, fans took it all in their stride waiting for better 2020!
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