While Babu Moves From Pillar To Post, Jagan Stays Cool

Though Chandrababu is running from pillar to post to prove his importance and is claiming day in and day out that the TDP will come back to power, the political parties across the country are trying to get pallly with the YSRCP, which, the surveys predict, have higher chances of forming a government in the state and winning maximum number of MP seats for the Lok Sabha. Several national channels have said that the YSRCP would win up to 20 of the 25 seats. Pre-poll surveys too gave similar results.

So, all political parties are trying to get in touch with the YSRCP. Both the BJP and the Congress need its support in case of a hung assembly. Thus, it can emerge a king maker. Unlike Chandrababu Naidu, who is running from state to state, YS Jagan is keeping studiously silent. His reply to most of the parties that are seeking an appointment with him is: Let's wait till the Lok Sabha election results are out.

This shows his political maturity. He is waiting for the results to come out. He will make his own assessment of the situation and then take a call.The decision would be beneficial both for the party and the people of the State. He has already spelt out his conditions to extend support to the state.