HIndupur Asks: Where Is Balayya Babu?

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Where is Balayya Babu? This is the question that the voters and the people in general of Hindupur assembly constituency are asking. They want to know where Balayya Babu.  After joining a procession commemorating his father's birth anniversary soon after his election, he simply disappeared. He has not visited the constituency again. Interestingly, he has not attended the AP assembly for the last two months. He seems to be busy with film shoots these days.

But, the people of Hindupur, who have voted him a second time, are upset and angry. There are pressing issues in the town and they require the presence of the elected MLA.  With the MLA playing truant, they feel neglected and ignored. Even during the last stint as MLA, he has barely visited the constituency for only 20 times. Each time, he took part in some inaugurations, slapped some fans, pushed back a few supporters and went away . He and his wife promised that they would be available for the voters of the constituency at all times and would solve their problems. But, today he is just an absentee MLA, who rarely visits the constituency.

The city is reeling under acute water crisis and large parts of the constituency are going without water. In many parts, water is being supplied through tankers only. The people of the constituency want Balayya Babu to focus on the constituency, address their problems and represent their issues in the Assembly.