Where Is The Strong Opponent For Modi?

First Phase Lok Sabha Polls has already come to an end. People had voted for their preferred parties in 90-odd Lok Sabha Seats till date. Anybody who votes wishes to see a capable Leader lead the country forward. During UPA Tenure, An intellectual like Manmohan Singh was chosen as PM by Sonia who handled political affairs as AICC Chairperson. Corruption allegations led to the downfall of UPA & rise of Modi in 2014. With his efficiency and expertise to manage social media-cum-media fetched memorable victory of NaMo.

However, Majority of the people in the country are of the feeling that several tall claims of Narendra Modi hasn't come true. Some of the reforms brought by NDA without proper planning has only troubled the public. Though he failed to do wonders, Modi managed to receive decent feedback for his work in the past 5 years.

Who is the alternative for Modi? Which Leader in the country can do justice for the PM Post? Although there are many PM Aspirants in Anti-Modi Camp, Not even one Leader succeeded in building the confidence so far. Rahul is yet to establish himself as a capable leader. While Sonia Gandhi & Manmohan Singh reached retirement age, Priyanka Gandhi is yet to prove her mettle. Most Leaders in Anti-Modi Camp are facing corruption allegations.

This situation arised because AICC hasn't offered scope for any Leader within the party to emerge as a power centre in the past two decades. Congress need to focus on finding a leader who could overshadow Modi rather than sticking to Rahul.