When Prabhas Wished To Build A Hotel?

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Do you know that Prabhas Mother Siva Kumari doesn't want her Son to become an Actor? Yes, It's true! 'My Mom never wanted Me to foray into Film Industry. Instead, She wished to see Me lead a peaceful life. My Mother is like typical housewife. According to her, The life of an Actor is more like a torture as there will be constant pressure. So, She want Me to have some money, buy a home and be happy,' reveals Prabhas.

Rebel Star disclosed that her Mother keeps telling him it's important to behave and speak properly after achieving super-stardom with 'Baahubali'. He adds, 'My Mother is proud of Me but she stays grounded and wants me to do the same'.  

At the age of 19, Prabhas considered establishing a hotel and set up a petrol bunk. The idea is to eat the food of his choice and roam wherever he want to. 'It's more of a kiddish talk with My Cousins and Friends. My Cousins keep reminding Me now...You have that plan & You become Baahubali'.

Thank God..Prabhas went against his plan to set up a business. If not him, Who could be Baahubali?
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