When Arbaaz Khan Made Sunny Leone Cry Profusely

Even after giving up her career as a porn star in 2012 and has been doing movies in Bollywood, Sunny Leone is still receiving negativity from the audience.  

Even after leaving that profession, her past horror is still haunting her and she faces criticism on a regular basis. Recently, she appeared on Arbaaz Khan’s new television show called ‘Pinch’. As a part of their conversation, Arbaaz brought a specific netizen's comment to her attention. That nasty comment made Sunny broke down as she could not hold back the hurt, she cried profusely. Arbaaz revealed during the launch of his show that he had asked Sunny the question which lead her into an emotional outburst.

He defended that the purpose of the show is to enable guests to discuss the dark side of social media and how it has affected their personal lives. Sunny and Arbaaz starred together in 'Tera Intezaar' movie.