What's behind Sharad Pawar's move to meet Modi?

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Sharad Pawar is one inscrutable politician. His moves are mercurial and his actions are undecipherable.  He has ditched his guru and formed government not once but twice. He now has an alliance with the Congress Party. He is also the mediator between the Congress and the Shiv Sena and is trying to cobble up a coalition But, on Wednesday, he surprised everyone by meeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Though officially he is meeting Modi to discuss the problems of the farmers of the state, every one is excited about the meet as it is happening at a time when there is a political stalemate in Maharashtra. Everyone is eager to know what will be the outcome of the meeting. If The meeting is also coming at a time when the Shiv Sena has alleged that the BJP has offered president's post to Sharad Pawar in lieu of his support to the BJP in Maharashtra. One does not know if this is true because Sharad Pawar has neither confirmed nor rejected the allegation.

Sharad Pawar's NCP joins hands with the BJP to form a government in Maharashtra, then both Congress and the Shiv Sena will be left in the lurch. Shiv Sena will be neither here nor there. It will not be able to form a government. It has also lost the ministry at the Centre. It is no longer part of the  NDA. It cannot directly join hands with the BJP. So, it will be the biggest loser if Sharad Pawar and the BJP come together.
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