What have IT officers found in actors houses?

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Income Tax Officers raided houses and offices of Hero Venkatesh, Producer Suresh Babu and Hero Nani with few others all of a sudden two days ago.

They gathered some information about few properties and have decided to further investigate on them. Hero Nani has already been summoned to appear against IT department with details. 

After Demonetization and GST implementation, actors have stopped accepting remuneration in terms of cash or unaccounted items.

More than 70% of the remuneration is given to them through bank transfers, cheques and transactions that are accounted for in any form.

But for remaining amount some of them are going for gold, properties and profit sharing it seems. The gold and properties are being accepted with binami names, it seems.

So, IT officials have raided on Film Industry people houses and offices to understand the complete truth behind this, it seems. Another list of celebrities is also ready and on any day, IT officers can raid their houses, offices it seems.
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