What happened to Dil Raju's judgement skills?

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Dil Raju, who is one of the biggest producers in Tollywood is known for his supreme judgement skills. Talk is that Raju has a good grip over the pulse of the audience and can predict the film's future easily which is why he is very successful. But his judgement skills have gone off recently and people are hesitating to believe his words these days as his films are performing poorly at the box-office.

Reportedly, Raju is getting very excited over the output of all his films these days which is effecting the film's result. Last year, he stated that 'Srinivasa Kalyanam' is going to be another 'Bommarillu' and we all know how the film turned out. He also praised 'Maharshi' as some sort of a cult classic but the film just passed the break-even mark. Most of the people couldn't relate to the film and said that climax is its saving grace.

Apart from these two, his made 'Lover' and 'Iddari Lokam Okkate' with Raj Tarun and both of them tanked at the box-office. Hope Dil Raju gets back his fine judgement skills and return to his prime form.
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