What Will The Convicts Of Nirbhaya Case Do Now?

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The convicts of the infamous 2012 Nirbhaya gang-rape case which shocked the entire nation said that they will make use of the legal remedies which were afforded to them by the law to get exempted from getting hanged.

Replying to the Tihar Jail Authority's notice three of the four convicts Akshay, Vinay and Pawan said that they still have the legal remedies guaranteed by the Indian Constitution and added they will seek the help of curative plea in the Supreme Court and the mercy plea before the President.

The authorities of Tihar Jail issued notice to the convicts of Nirbhaya gang-rape on Dec 18 whether they want to file the mercy petitions countering the verdict of the apex court which confirmed the death sentence to one of the four convicts. If the convicts failed to file the petition within the given time the jail authorities said they will move the court for further proceedings.

The gang-rape of Nirbhaya once again came to limelight after the brutal gang-rape and murder of veterinarian Disha happened in Hyderabad.

Demands to hang the convicts in the Nirbhaya case gained a lot of momentum with the news of accused of Disha's case were encountered.

With Akshay one of the convicts failing individual petition who did not participate in the curative petition against the apex court order, this case caught in the legal course again. His petition was rejected earlier.

The three convicts want to file another curative petition. They are likely to file a new mercy petition if the curative petition gets rejected by the SC.