What Will Ajit Pawar Do Now?

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The Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress government has been formed and on Saturday, it has even won the vote of confidence quite comfortably. But, the troubles seem to be far from over. As per the agreement between the three parties, the Shiv Sena will get the CM post, the Congress will get the Speaker's post and the NCP will get the deputy CM post. But, who will be the deputy CM?

There is still lot of confusion as to who would be made the deputy CM from the NCP. While Jayanta Patil is elected the leader of the NCP legislature party after Ajit Pawar rebelled, Ajit Pawar is still a strong contender.  Ajit, who rebelled against Sharad Pawar and joined hands with the BJP temporarily, has since been cajoled to return to the NCP. Sharad Pawar assured to honourably rehabilitate him in the party. Now Ajit is insisting that he be made the deputy CM. Jayanta Patil, who stood by Sharad Pawar, too wants the same post. The party is unable to decide on who to select.

A source in the party says that if Ajit is not suitably rehabilitated, he may be able to wean away several MLAs. At least 20 of the MLAs are said to be close to Ajit Pawar. Moreover, Sharad Pawar also knows that Ajit Pawar out of power is more dangerous than inside the power structure. So, rehabilitating Ajit looks quite certain.
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