What's The Condition Of Bodies Of Culprits In Disha's Case?

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In a development in the infamous Disha's case, superintendent of the Gandhi Hospital Sravan Kumar told the High Court that the culprits’ bodies in Disha's case have been decomposed to almost 50 percent.

He went on to say that those bodies were kept at -2 degrees celsius in the mortuary of Gandhi Hospital and they will get decomposed completely within a week.  

The petition which was filed at the court to hand over the accused bodies to their concerned families is awaiting the verdict to be pronounced.  

The court is supposed to give its verdict on the bodies of the accused. The court has also asked if there is any chance of re-postmortem to the bodies with the forensic experts of Delhi. The government counsel earlier has asked the court to grant some time to decide on it.

It's been 16 days, the accused in Disha's case were killed in an encounter while trying to reconstruct the scene at the crime spot. The bodies which were preserved at a hospital in Mahbubnagar initially for some days were later shifted to Hyderbad Gandhi Hospital.
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