What Revanth Said About Pawan Kalyan?

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Malkajgiri MP Revanth Reddy who is voicing his opinion about the drawbacks of Uranium Mining in Nallamala Forest made few comments on Pawan Kalyan while taking part in a TV Debate.

When quizzed why Telangana Leaders have been involving Jana Senani in the issue, Revanth Reddy explained: 'Pawan Kalyan mayn't have achieved the success he should have got in politics till date but he has got a good reputation in the Telugu States. Whenever he does something, It appears like Pawan Kalyan is doing it in the best interest of the society without seeking any political gain. That is why the views expressed by him make a difference'.

Jana Sena Supporters were delighted with the word of praise from Revanth Reddy for Pawan Kalyan. They see it as a consolation prize for the efforts put in by Powerstar to bring a change.

Revanth Reddy had even tagged the Twitter handle of Pawan Kalyan while appealing, 'Let us all unite against uranium mining and save the lungs of our state - Nallamalla'.

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