What Kejriwal Learnt From YS Jagan?

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Remember 'Raavaali Jagan... Kaavali Jagan"? This song became a chart-buster and millions made it their ring tone. This one song and the stunning visuals that went with the song built an unprecedented mood in favour of Jagan. The result? A stunning and never before victory for YS Jagan. Cut to Delhi. Here too, it was a song that turned the tide for Arvind Kejriwal.

The song "Achche Beete Panch Saal ... Lage Raho Kejriwal" became the theme song for the AAP. The song was blared everywhere and every meeting had this song played. It became so popular that even children were seen humming it. The song presented Arvind Kejriwal has an affable, friendly and smiling man and not a sulking, tight-lipped man that he used to be. The song, composed and set to music by popular film musician Vishal Dadlani, was an instant hit.. The BJP had no answer to it. While its campaign was in the old mold, the AAP campaign appealed to the young and upmarket voters. Interestingly, the catch phrase "Lage Raho Kejriwal" was part of all the campaign material of the AAP.

Interestingly, while Jagan's song was like a war cry on Chandrababu's misrule and presented Jagan as a fighter, the song Lage Raho Kejriwal presented Kejriwal as a friendly, next door do-gooder. The feel of the song too is soft and mellow, while Jagan's song was aggressive and relentless.
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