What Kadiyum Srihari Said About Joining BJP?

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Rumours were in circulation about the possibility of Former Deputy CM Kadiyum Srihari quitting TRS to join BJP. The Senior Politician offered a clarity on the unofficial reports in circulation apart from issuing a stern warning to the media houses for reporting baseless speculations. 'Neither did I have thought about joining BJP nor have such a necessity. Those media houses who reported wrongly need to issue an apology,' he demanded.

Kadiyum Srihari alleged that speculations about him are an attempt to tarnish his image and weaken the Dalit Leadership. He asked Media to back someone like him who is honest, have principles and represent the weaker sections.

The TRS Leader maintained he isn't an opportunistic politician to change party for the sake of posts or power. He claimed to be believing in the principles of BR Ambedkar and got influenced by the Left ideology. He wondered, 'How could I join BJP which is against Dalits, Muslims and Christians?'.

Kadiyum Srihari told the whole country is looking at KCR who is making Telangana No.1 be it in welfare or development programmes.

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