What Jesus Told RGV About KA Paul?

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It's an open secret that Ram Gopal Varma neither worships any god nor have religious sentiments. In the past, He poked fun at Lord Ganesha. And now, The Filmmaker didn't even spare Jesus in the process of mocking KA Paul.

Sharing the video footage of the Christian Evangelist's meeting with his followers, Varma wrote: 'Thana peru inthagaa chedagoduthunnanduku KA Paul ki shiluva veyyabothunnani ippude naaku Jesus Christ Whatsap msg pettadu (I received a WhatsApp Msg from Jesus Christ that he will crucify Paul for ruining his reputation)'.

RGV told Jesus Christ will tear the skin and break the bones of all super wrong advisers surrounding KA Paul. He dared to say KA Paul is surrounded with disciples of Devil who infiltrated your domain. 'Burn them before they burn you,' Varma advised Paul.

Ramu claims to be scared that all the monkeys will attack him for insulting them by comparing with KA Pauk. 'May Jesus bless AP by giving a gift of his best monkey,' he wrote.

Certainly, Christians won't be pleased with the insulting comments made by Varma. Let's see where this issue is gonna end..!

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