What Is The Future Of This Senior BJP Leader?

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He was once counted among the tallest of the BJP leaders in the state. He was a three-time MLA, who had worked as the state BJP chief and also the leader of the BJP legislature party. He has at least four decades of experience as the party worker. Yet, today, he is fighting for his existence and is not even counted at the crunch time.

We are talking of Nallu Indrasen Reddy. He was one of the very few MLAs, who weathered the NTR wave and became an MLA from Malakpet at the young age of 33. He had won in 1985 and 1999 again. In 1999, he was the leader of the legislature party. It was during his tenure that the BJP's present state office was constructed. But, he feels he has not been given his due. While his contemporaries – Ch Vidyasagar Rao, Bandaru Dattatreya and Kishan Reddy have all been given key posts, he has been completely ignored. Ch Vidyasagar Rao became a union minister and has till recently worked as the Governor of Maharashtra. Dattanna was a two time minister and is the present governor of Himachal Pradesh. Kishan Reddy is now a union minister. But, amid all this, Indrasena Reddy continues to remain neglected.

He feels his straightforward nature and no-nonsense attitude is chiefly responsible for the party leadership ignoring him.  He feels he has not been given his due. Sources say he is opening up in front of his close acolytes that his services have not been given due recognition in the party. He feels he too should be considered for some key post like Dattanna and Ch Vidyasagar Rao. Indrasen feels he can still be of great use to the party and his services need to be recognised as he has served the party during the toughest of the times.
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