What's The Fate Of JSP Telangana Candidates?

Pawan Kalyan fielded few candidates of Jana Sena Party in Lok Sabha Constituencies in Telangana. While Malkajgiri Ticket was allotted for B Mahendra Reddy, Mahabubabad Ticket was given for Bhukya Bhaskar Naik.

Much to the shock of Jana Sena Candidates, Pawan Kalyan made the statement that Andhrites were beaten up in Telangana. He even alleged Andhra Businessman were threatened that there business establishments and properties in Telangana will be taken away.

Nobody knows why Pawan Kalyan who showered praises on KCR Rule until recently made such a statement. YCP Leaders challenged the Jana Sena Chief to show proofs if Andhrites were really attacked in Telangana. They alleged Pawan has been spreading hatred among people of two Telugu States for political gains.

Comments made by Pawan Kalyan ruined the chances of victory for Jana Sena Candidates in Telangana completely. They mayn't even get deposits because of the anti-Telangana Statement.