What Is Left Out For Left Parties?

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Poor Left Parties. Time was when they were tantalisingly close to power. In 1052, they almost formed the government. Till at least 1995, the Left Parties - both the CPI and the CPM - were powers to reckon with. But, today, they are a shadow of their former selves. For the first ever time, in both AP and Telangana, there are no Left MLAs either in the assembly or the council of these states. Telangana always had a Left MLA in the assembly. This time around, there is a complete sweep and the parties have no MLAs at all.

Interestingly, the left parties seem to have no strategy. In Telangana, the CPI fought the 2018 assembly elections in association with the Congress, while the CPM fought along with the BLF. In AP, the CPM is with Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena but the CPI does not know who its ally is.

Now, finally, ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the CPI and the CPM have decided to come together to form Left Front. Both will focus only on four MP seats, including Nalgonda and Araku. This means, that their whole fight is for just four MP seats. With their cadre coming down faster than a Pakistan's shot F16, can they hope to win even a single MP seat in both the Telugu states?