What's Happening To Assistants of Sukumar?

Sukumar is known as the unique writer and director in Telugu Cinema. He made a name for himself so much that his one recommendation can help his assistants and even others that come in his vicinity.

But somehow the directors that he introduced are failing to find success. Surya Pratap made a disappointing debut with Current but he could come up with a hit like Kumari 21F.

Sukumar wrote the story, produced the film also. Hence, the film success mostly was credited to Sukumar than the director.  

It resulted in Surya Pratap not being able to find a good project next. Hari Prasad who debuted with Darsakudu, is now a part of Sukumar's think tank but he is unable to find another project as a director.

Bucchibabu who could convince Sai Dharam Tej's brother, Vaishnav Tej to debut with his Uppena is unable to take the movie to sets even though, he has Mythiri Movie Makers backing him.

Another assistant, Kasi got a go ahead from Naga Shourya for a film but then it is also said to have been shelved for time being.

Sukumar is trying his level best to help his assistants but somehow they are unable to find a good success to push them forward.