What If I Collaborate With Modi?: Pawan Kalyan

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Pawan Kalyan claimed he is willing to sacrifice his blood relation for Jana Sainiks who are sincerely working for the party. 'If attacks continue to happen on our Jana Sainiks in Rayalaseema, I'm gonna conduct padayatra in every village of this region. Change won't happen if we lack the courage and commitment. If Political Opponents cross the limit, I will fight for party workers till my last breadth. PK is ready for doing anything, I am not worried about either my children's future or what happens to my assets. Whether those who are attacking Jana Sainiks ready to make such sacrifices? If you behave in an unruly manner taking advantage of 151 MLA Seats, I am ready to go to any extent taking inspiration from BR Ambedkar. Sena means Army...A Soldier only knows how to fight in the war. Let's fight collectively if they us. I would never ask party workers to make sacrifices for making Me CM,' he assured during the Rayalaseema Tour covering Kadapa and Rajampeta Segments.

Jana Sena Chief told he came to know about the great history of Rayalaseema while performing dramas in Visakha. He found fault with Chief Ministers hailing from Seema for the backwardness of the region. 'Why Rayalaseema Youth has been migrating to states like Karnataka? YCP Leaders snatched Rs 50 lakh worth land from an individual just because he works for Jana Sena. Human Rights violation is happening in Seema. When I had given a call, 3 lakh people have joined the movement. Asked why they didn't vote for Jana Sena. They replied its due to the fear of facing the consequences. Change won't happen in a day. I had joined politics for the upliftment of poor and underprivileged,' asserts PK.

Pawan Kalyan questioned whether YS Jaganmohan Reddy behaved like a Chief Minister at least once. He also warned YCP MLAs about the people's ire they gonna face in future. 'Had if I met Modi to express my willingness to work with BJP, What would have been the situation of YCP? YCP Leaders call JSP as TDP B Team. Chandrababu Naidu faced defeat even after bribing the voters with Rs 30,000 crore. TDP's defeat was finalised with Jana Sena Foundation Day Meeting in 2018. Ready to wait until the change happens,' says Jana Senani.

Jana Sena Supremo wondered why AP Chief Minister is getting angry if he addresses him as Jagan Reddy. He asked, 'Would anyone call George Bush as George Bush Reddy? How could you say that our caste won't ignore promises? Are you trying to say people belonging to other castes don't keep their promises? I respect all religions and castes. I'm not the one who speaks for the sake of votes'.
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