Just For Fun: What If CBN Thinks About Babu's NTR?

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With three biopics or three films on NTR in two different perspectives, what if CBN also tries to come up with CBN or Babu's NTR? How will he want to tell the story?

Note: This is just an imaginative piece not a real one. Don't take it too seriously, please!

INT. TDP Office, Amaravathi  Day

Chandra Babu Naidu and Lokesh are pacing around in the big office room where they have set up the conference. They are uneasy, feeling that they did miss something and now, waiting for their team to arrive with a report.

INT. Corridor TDP Office  Day

Two MLAs, Two MPs, one close aid are running into the conference room. They have the highly important report in their leader's hand. They have to it over to their No.1 and No.2. They are in a hurry, they are sweating heavily as they ran to the 6th floor as the office Lift suddenly stopped working due to power outage.

One of them thought power outage could be a bad omen but the leader shut up him and the close aid shouted, 'Jai Balayya', hitting his thigh hard. Lift suddenly opened up and when they entered, it didn't start to move as he kept saying, 'Jai TDP!' 'Jai NTR!' He forgot the real slogan that works now, 'Jai CBN!'

So, they ran to the top and are finally at the conference room door. They knocked!

INT. Conference Room Day

CBN wanted to sit in the bigger chair of the room before asking them to enter but Lokesh occupied it before him.

CBN: 'What are you doing, Lokesh?'

Lokesh: (not realizing) 'Duh .. Waiting for the report!'

CBN: (angered like a angry bird) 'Did no one briefed you? Don't you know where to sit? Where I sit?'

Realising after two to three minutes, Lokesh offers CBN the seat and grabs the rolling chair on his left.

 All of them at the door, heard it and were praying to their respective Gods that their chief shouldn't scold on them. They entered the room as CBN said, 'Come in, Thammulu!'

They very gingerly walked up to him and gave him the report. He simply said, 'Brief me!'

They couldn't say it out loud but the ckkS aid shouted, 'Jai NTR" 'Jai Jai NTR!' CBN got the jist and he said, 'Is it that bad?'

The leader of the pack said, 'RGV made Lakshmi Parvathi look like Meera, Sakku bai range devotee to our Anna garu! He played to the agenda of our enemies!'

Lokesh interuppted and asked, 'What about me?'

CBN signalled to him with eyes to relax and asked them, 'Call Boyapati Srinu garu, immediately. Ask him to stop the pasumu kunkuma ads with young girls and widows, tell him, emergency!'

The batch called him and the director couldn't come to the office as he is busy designing a new style weapon for a widow to chase the killer of her husband and shout, 'This is the revenge of a tortured wife who will wear your blood as sindoor and vote for Babu as he allowed pasupu kunkuma scheme!' (Yes, goosebumps stuff, we know!)

On the phone, Boyapati: 'Babu Start Camera, Babu Ready Babu, Action!'

CBN: 'Can we make Babu's NTR in two days? And get Rana to play me and Balayya to play NTR?!'

Boyapati: 'Tough sir, only RGV can do that. I need at least 10 days to shoot your entry scene with a TDP flag that you will drop in the heart of your opponent and shout, 'If you cross my path you won't have next election!' Ask RGV sir, I can't make it in a day!'

CBN cuts the call and to his committee, 'I should have briefed Balayya before he took other director for our biopics!'

The close aid shouted, 'Jai NTR!' again and CBN looked at him in anger and he finally said, 'Jai Balayya... Jai Babu Jai Jai Babu ... Aayane ravali malli aayane kavali!'

------ The End ----


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