What Goes Wrong For Heroes After A Big Success?

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We rarely see actors being able to give successful films consistently, these days. Some exceptions are there but the regular trend is that a big hit will follow it up with even bigger flop.

Nagarjuna after Annamayya saw two averages and five disasters until Nuvvu Vasthavani. But after Azad that came in the same year and became a success, he had 4 disasters in the same year, in 2001.

From 2002 to 2006, he maintained 100% success rate till Boss became a disaster. His Manmadhudu, Shivamani and Super achieved break even status slowly while Mass, Sri Ramadasu, Santhosham were blockbusters. Nenunnanu started with divide talk but ended up as a Super hit.

He can be said as the top star hero who saw huge highs and immediate lows with recoveries that are again extraordinary.

His Geetanjali, Shiva twin successes in one year made him a huge star but his next films opened big but ended up as flops or disasters. Out of 9 releases before President Gari Pellam, 7 were failures. Only Nirnayam and Killer became successful.

President Gari Pellam, Rakshana, Varasudu became big box office hits and he continued his successes with Allari Alludu, Gharana Bullodu, Hello Brother, went to Hindi with Khudha Gawah, Criminal and delivered blockbusters like Ninne Pelladutha, Annamayya.

Post Annamayya his status at box office was so big that he took 2 crores as remuneration for Rakshana, a Tamil super budget film sold as bilingual. The movie if had been a hit, could have made first Telugu actor to achieve massive successful films in Hindi and Tamil like ANR.

Chiranjeevi couldn't find such success in Tamil even though he started his career in late 70's, when Telugu Industry operated from Chennai. After becoming a massive star in Telugu his dubbed films have become successful in Tamil as well but he never had a direct success.

After Khaidi he faced two unsuccessful films immediately, due to expectations and after Gharana Mogudu, he did face 4 years of downfall with disasters like Mechanic Alludu, SP Parasuram, Bigg Boss.

But Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna did have continuous success before a pinnacle and dry spells did end with again continuous successes.

Now, Pawan Kalyan after Khushi did not have a success until Gabbar Singh and Jalsa remained a slight positive in many debacles.

Mahesh after Okkadu saw two disasters and after Pokiri saw three disasters and after Srimanthudu saw two disasters. Before Srimanthudu he had two big disasters too.

Jr. NTR after Aadi saw a disaster, after Simhadri saw disasters, flops till Yamadonga with an exception of Rakhi. He is maintaining a consistent success rate after Temper but RRR could be that pinnacle hit which will be hard to follow.

Prabhas after Chatrapathi saw disaster, after Mr. Perfect saw a disaster but Mirchi followed up by Baahubali 1&2. But Baahubali-2 is followed by Saaho.

Seems like the increase in market is making the filmmakers who follow the huge successful films of stars go for grandeur in story to match the previous one and fail miserably.

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