Exclusive: What Actually Happened Between Mahesh And Allu Arjun?

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Several reports came out that Allu Arjun was hurt about something said by Mahesh at some personal function and hence, he wants to prove a point by releasing his film before Mahesh's film, or on the same day.

Some tried to say that it is Mahesh who is adamant on getting bigger release while Allu Arjun's film is also another big budget film. They tried to paint a picture, as if Mahesh is a monarch in Telugu Film Industry. What actually happened between the two actors, for last minute issues to creep up?

Well, if Mahesh Babu or Allu Arjun are as egoistic people as the reports made them to be, they wouldn't have survived for 20 to 25 years each in an Industry as top stars. Before releasing a film, they might want a wide and big release but that doesn't mean that they want another producer and many distributors to suffer.

The actual problem arised with distributors trying to block theatres from both the sides and one side feeling that they have been undermined.

Same distribution was working for both the films in major areas and the distributor himself is a producer for one film too. So, at some places, Sarileru Neekevvaru got more preferential treatment and screens than Ala Vaikuntapurramuloo and this hurt them.

They wanted to release on same day or one day before to curtail this as the previous agreement is being violated. Finally, distributor agreed to give theatres on 3:2 ratio, that previously, everyone accepted in the first weekend and 1:1 ratio from the second week.

At some places, the agreement was ignored and theaters were blocked in 4:1 ratio. When the heroes got to know about this, they wanted to check the issue and solve it amicably at producers level but some tempers did raise as few words were exchanged.

Once the emotions cooled off and everyone got the real risk of what they could lose in terms of money, when they violate agreement, everyone came to one solution and AVPL team got some better screens as well.