Weak Chandrababu and weaker Lokesh ruining TDP?

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Chips are completely down for Chandrababu Naidu these days. All his political guile and strategy appear to have vanished into thin air. His own party colleagues are either indifferent towards the party activities or defecting to other parties. The BJP has not yet forgiven him and is still trying to settle scores.

But, his biggest worry is his succession plan in the party. All his plans to project son Lokesh as his political heir are falling flat. Lokesh has not just failed to step into his shoes, but has even proved himself in the people's court. He had lost the elections from Mangalagiri. Losing direct elections has irreparably damaged his prospects as the unquestioned leader of the party. Even the first time MLAs are not listening to him. Many of them are not even ready to back Lokesh on any issue.

To add to Chandrababu's woes, none of the the MLAs except Atchen Naidu are even trying to defend the TDP inside the assembly. In the Assembly, Nara Chandrababu Naidu is cutting a sorry figure in the assembly unable to face onslaught from a fully charged up YSRCP. His former colleagues like Kodali Nani and Vallabhaneni Vamsi are attacking him right left and centre. He is unable to counter their attacks. He seems to have no plan whatsoever to counter attack them.

Will he be able to weather this storm? Will he be able to train his son Lokesh for future challenges? Will he be able to keep the party together? Will he be able to prevent exodus from the party into other parties? Let's wait and watch how the game unfolds.
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