Was Nagarjuna Half-Hearted As Bigg Boss Host?

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Nagarjuna Akkineni got a good name as a host when he debuted and handled Kaun Banega Crorepathi's Telugu version, Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu.

Show actually worked because of his charm than the format. As KBC already made the format a huge success, Nagarjuna's hosting made the difference.

He came out into open and appeared as a caring individual contrasting to his image as a reserved and playboy of the Industry. He showed that he is not what people perceive with the show.

In fact, his film Soggade Chinni Nayana got more publicity because of his demeanor as the fun and caring host of the show that became highly popular. The third season couldn't hold the same interest and format became too melodramatic and boring.

Nag got so miffed with the transition that he let Chiranjeevi take over the show for next season when the actor asked, which not many established hosts and actors would do. Unless they turn really disinterested in the property or if they find it not worth their time, they won't give up on a popular show or franchise.

Now, he came back as a host of Bigg Boss for season 3 after lot of negotiations and he himself admitted for not liking the show format in many interviews.

He emotionally accepted award for the hosting job from the channel at their internal award function but he did not really enjoy the experience, one feels so.

He seemed to have more on his mindto sit and watch the show for an hour everyday or highlights before his episodes were filmed. He truly hates confrontation and that showed in his way of handling issues too.

While audience want Salman Khan kind aggressive host for Bigg Boss, Nag also did same or similar mistake like Nani.

Nani while hosting Bigg Boss season 2 tried to attack Kaushal more as directors seemed to have made a choice to make it deliberately one contestant centric and ask others to put their point of view, therefore expecting some balance to return.

But it backfired and Kaushal became the most liked and talked about contestant. He went on to win the show as well. Similarly, while Sreemukhi is being found manipulative by most of audiences except her fans, show directors seem to have guided Nag to talk for her and that indirectly helped Rahul Sipligunj to be on top.

Even Nag pointing faults of Baba Bhaskar, also became ing after a point in the eyes of viewers. May be Nag has too many businesses and other activities, he has to address on daily basis to put in concentrated efforts on one show.

May be that could be the reason for recent debacles like Officer and Manmadhudu 2 from a guy who is normally known for coming up with movies that at least have TV viewing quality for family audiences even though they  fail at box office.

He seemed half-hearted and dependent highly on directors and writers of the show. If may advice him, whenever he decides to host Bigg Boss again, we would like to suggest him to get a dedicated team of two or three on contract, till the show ends to check all the episodes, social media comments and memes and give him quick brief before show writers come up with their scripts.

In this way, he will be able to address the issues better. Some might ask, when there is BB team dedicatedly working on it, what is the need for him?

 Well, surely people did not like him entirely as a host and there is no hiding from the fact that most felt he was too lenient towards few contestants. So, if he has no time or is not interested at all to watch the show on regular basis, it is better to hire a team he can trust and balance it with what directors want to give what audience expect!

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