War of Words Between BJP and Rahul Gandhi

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The BJP and Congress parties are indulging in the blame game. While the BJP has accused former Congress President over his remarks on the National Population Register(NPR) and the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) that they both are the "tax" on the poor people that Rahul is the "liar of the year" and he had "embarrassed" even his party leaders.

"When Rahul Gandhi was the Congress president, he would say anything and lie all the time. Now he is no longer the president, but continues to lie. If there was a category of the liar of the year, he would be in it. His comments used to embarrass his family. His lies now embarrass his party and the entire country," Javadekar said.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi has lashed out at the BJP over the Citizenship Amendment Act(CAA) and termed the act as a second note ban. Rahul will lead the Save Constitution-Save India march in Guwahati as an attack on the ruling BJP party. He added that this act more disastrous than the Demonetisation which happened in 2016.

Rahul replied to the allegations of BJP and said he never said any lies about the detention centres in Assam.

"You saw my tweet? I shared Narendra Modi's speech where he is saying there are no detention centres in India and in the same video, there are visuals of a detention centre. You decide who is lying," Rahul said.
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