Want To Become A Telugu Director? Make A Short Film

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Yes, directors of new Telugu films are finding opportunities after exhibiting their skills with Short films. They don't have to make trending videos, if they can make something impressive, it is enough for producers to think about investing in their big film scripts.

Mathu Vadalara director, Ritesh Rana found his producers through Short Films. We don't have to stress on how Prasanth Varma who made Awe found his first opportunity after Silent Melody.

Same way, Tharun Bhascker also found opportunities after his Sinmaa, short film went viral. He made a mark with Pelli Choopulu as a director.

Even directors like Siva Nirvana, Hanu Raghavapudi, Merlapaka Gandhi, Phanindra Narisetti - "Manu", Majnu director Virinchi Varma, Pavan Sadhineni all got their first films after impressing Telugu audiences with short films.

Naga Ashwin too made short films first to prove his skills and then made Evade Subramanyam, Mahanati. Rather than going in old ways and waiting for 10 years to get one opportunity working as ADs, this seem to be a new way and easy way. Try your luck guys, but make innovative and good films.
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