Wait Gets Longer For VC In Telangana

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Nine universities in Telangana, which are going without vice chancellor from July this year, may have to wait for some more time. The term of the vice chancellers has ended in July 2019. Later, KCR has appointed some senior IAS officers as the vice chancellors. Since then, the universities are being run by IAS officers, who have other responsibilities as well to discharge. So, they are unable to devote time to the affairs of the universities.

But, the wait is only getting longer as there are going to be elections to the municipalities across the state and the election code is in force. So, nothing can be done. To add to the woes, member of the search panel for the VCs Somesh Kumar has become the chief secretary of Telangana. As a result of this, the committee will have to be reorganised. Only after that the VCs could be finalised.

So, expect new VCs only sometime in February or early March.
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