'WFL': A Wake Up Call For Vijay Devarakonda!

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Vijay Devarakonda got a huge craze amongst youth with 'Arjun Reddy' and he won the hearts of families with 'Geetha Govindam'. The success of both these films made him a hero to look out for. Many thought that he is on the verge of becoming a star hero but his choice in films is seriously affecting his career.

His last film 'Dear Comrade' was released in multiple languages and Vijay promoted this film very aggressively.

Nonetheless, the film failed badly at the box-office. Along with the snail-paced narration, Vijay's aggressive nature in the film reminded people of his own 'Arjun Reddy'. People thought that he would learn his lessons but he did the same mistake in his recent release 'World Famous Lover'. Devarakonda's acting and look were reminiscent of 'Arjun Reddy' once again. His aggressive and so-called intense acting is getting repetitive and one gets a feeling that he is getting monotonous these days. Vijay got this craze because he was different from the other heroes who were stuck in an image. Now, Vijay is also slowly getting stuck in a particular image which is worrying many people.

His type of funky promotions did not work this time as 'World Famous Lover' did not get the expected results at the overseas market. This film is heading towards a disastrous result as per trade analysts. Hope this result acts as a wakeup call to Vijay and he chooses his script wisely before losing his craze completely.
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