When Chiru Can, Why Can't Raghavendra Rao?

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An interesting incident happened during 2014 General Elections. Chiranjeevi arrived to the polling booth along with his wife Surekha and son Ram Charan. While his Family Members were waiting in the queue, Chiru tried to enter the polling booth directly to cast his vote. Few Youngsters who were ignorant of the fact that a Rajya Sabha MP needn't have to join the queue to cast his/her vote stopped him. Still, Chiru hadn't got offended and joined the queue line though he needn't have to do so.  

Today, K Raghavendra Rao had a similar experience. Voters made him realize Celebrity Status don't work in the polling booths when the Veteran Filmmaker tried to jump the queue. Hurt by the treatment meted out to him, Raghavendra Rao left the place without casting his vote. Some of his followers tried to cover what has happened saying KRR will be back to vote when there are less number of people in the queue line.  

A vast difference can be noticed in the way both these Legends handled the similar situation. Hats off to Megastar!

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