This Hero Feels Rahul Don't Deserve A Biopic!

Vivek Oberoi, who played Narendra Modi in the biopic of the current Indian Prime Minister, made shocking comments when his opinion was sought on the biopic of Rahul Gandhi. 'Why should anybody make Rahul Gandhi biopic? What has he done?,' he questioned.

The Bollywood Actor dared to say, 'If I sign Rahul Biopic, I should be doing most of the shoot in Thailand'. He made this comment to send an impression that Congress President stays mostly in Thailand.

Asked about the timing of Modi biopic release ahead of 2019 Elections, Vivek Oberoi told it's up to him to decide when his film has to hit the screens citing it's a constitutional right. He questioned whether if anybody asks an Actor why he releases his films for Eid or Christmas or Diwali. Needless to say Vivek was referring to Salman Khan here.    

Claiming to be a fan of Modi, Vivek Oberoi told he feels proud to be part of an incredible story of a World Leader.

When quizzed if Modi watched the biopic and reviewed it, The Actor doubted if the Leader who runs the country have time for it.