Vivek's Daring Step, Asks People To Defeat KCR

Mild mannered former MP G Vivek, known to weigh his words carefully, has taken on KCR and criticised him in the strongest possible manner. Vivek has directly attacked CM KCR.

Vivek will perhaps go down as the politician who had been paying a heavy price for one wrong decision. During the height of the Telangana agitation, he left the Congress and joined the TRS. Later, at the time of the 2014 elections, he switched over to the Congress and contested the Peddapalli Lok Sabha elections. However, he had to face a drubbing at the hands of a greenhorn like Balka Suman. After the defeat, he had rejoined the TRS, hoping that he would get the Peddapalli MP seat in 2019. But, KCR, who was wary of Vivek for backing his brother Vinod, has not given him the ticket.

Vivek, who owns a media house and is a flourishing industrialist, feels not just cheated but downright insulted at this slight. So, he has decided to attack KCR. He has dared to attack KCR at a time when most leaders have surrendered meekly. He is advising his followers not to vote for the TRS. His strongly worded tweet asked the people to not to vote for treacherous TRS. He said the dictatorship of KCR and his family does not augur well for Telangana.

How far will his comment effect the voting in Peddapalli remains to be seen. To know the outcome, one may have to wait for at least two more months.