Bridge Collapse: 12 People Injured, Cars Damaged

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A 60-feet long bridge connecting Junagarh and Mundra in Gujarat collapsed on Sunday evening. Few Cars & Two-Wheelers got stuck under the debris when the slab of the bridge collapsed near Malanka Village. As many as 12 people in these vehicles were injured.

This Bridge which was best preferred to reach wildlife sanctuary located in Sasan-Gir was constructed 40 years ago. Collapse of the bridge affected the vehicular movement on this route. Junagadh Collector Saurabh Pardhi informed, 'An alternative route has been chosen for the diversion of the traffic'.

Junagarh  Bridge Collapse has become a nationwide news. People across the country expressed concern over the longevity of the decades old bridges. It's high time state governments pay attention to the repair works of old bridges or build new bridges to replace old ones for preventing such collapses from happening.

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