Viral: Deputy CM's TikTok Video For Jagan!

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AP Deputy CM Pamula Pushpa Sreevani showed her loyalty to CM Jaganmohan Reddy by making a TikTok Video in which she expressed her faith on Yuva Neta. She lip-synced the song 'Rayalaseema Muddu Bidda Mana Jagan Anna' with perfect facial movements. One must say she succeeded in creating maximum impact with just a 10-seconds clip.

Pushpa Sreevani has begun the trend of AP Politicians featuring in a TikTok Video. When every other Leader in the ruling party was trying to grab the attention of the Chief Minister on the eve of New Year, Deputy CM showed she have the knack of getting into the good books of Jagan making use of a trending App.

Surprising everyone, CM Jagan choose Pushpa Sreevani as one of the five Deputy CMs soon after his swearing-in ceremony. The act of the Tribal Welfare Minister was criticized by Opposition Parties and a section of people. What's wrong about showing admiration towards Chief Minister? Its just the path Deputy CM choose to establish her loyalty! In fact, A lot of YCP Supporters have come forward to appreciate Pushpa Sreevani for thinking differently.
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