Viral: Sye Raa Shots Inspired From Baahubali!

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Some people keep on spreading negativity using social media by drawing comparisons between two films. That doesn't mean the reasons pointed out to justify the comparison were convincing all the time. Be it Baahubali or Saaho or Sye Raa, Makers of all the films has to go through this phase.

Post the teaser launch of 'Sye Raa', Few Netizens opined some shots in the promo were inspired from Baahubali. Certain shots in both the biggies were placed side-by-side to justify their theory. These pictures had gone viral on the social media.

Film Analysts say, Why should we let ourselves down by drawing comparisons with Hollywood Stuff or some of the old films? Slight Similarity in the shot doesn't mean our Filmmakers/Actors has copied something. One need to keep in mind that it's nearly impossible to show drastic difference in Horse Riding, Sword Wielding and Shot Composition in a war drama. Can anybody offer a guarantee that not even a single shot in Hollywood War Dramas releasing in future won't be anywhere close to that of Baahubali or Saaho? Learn to respect the Telugu Films which are drawing the attention of the Nation!

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