Viral: Baghdadi Killing Operation Video!

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The Pentagon released photos and video of US Forces raiding the location from where Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was operating. Visuals show how the US Troops were approaching the compound of Baghdadi's den in northwestern Syria.

Baghdadi's Protectors opened fire on the choppers that ferried US Troops. That is when Airstrikes were conducted on them and unknown number of fighters were killed.

Isolated Pictures of the Baghdadi's compound in the Idlib province of Syria shot before and after the completion of the operation were released by US. Baghdadi killed himself with a suicide vest in a tunnel when the US Forces foiled his escape plan and surrounded him. Two out of his three children, under the age of 12, died due to this explosion.

US Forces killed Four Women and One Man at the compound. All the Women wore suicide vests and behaved in a threatening manner. Two Men were captured during the raid. Some key documents and electronics were recovered from the compound. US identified Baghdadi using DNA samples which was collected when he was in Iraqi prison in 2004. He was buried at sea in less than 24 hours after his death.

The Dog which traced Baghdadi in the tunnel was injured as it got exposed to the live cables but recovered later. It's a four year veteran of the 50 combat missions.

United States believes ISIS remains to be dangerous inspite of the death of Baghdadi. It feels Islamic State won't go away just because its chief was killed.
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