Vijayawada-bound Flight Hits Turbulence, 2 Injured!

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An Vijayawada-bound Air India Flight from Delhi was hit by severe turbulence. This incident which took place on Air India Flight A320 has come to light only now.

Crew Members were serving the in-flight meal when the Plane hit turbulence. The impact was so severe that passengers witnessed the meal trays flying to the roof and even commode in one of the bathrooms got broken.

An Air India Spokesperson informed, 'Turbulences are common in this season but this is severe. Nobody was injured'.

As per the Satellite Cloud Map on September 17th, Severe thunderstorm clouds were stretched from Kurnool to Hyderabad. Aircraft had to deal with the toughest part 30 minutes before landing at Gannavaram.

During the same period, Delhi to Thiruvananthapuram Flight was hit by turbulence. The Flight was grounded for four hours after two crew members suffered injuries.

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