Vijayawada Court Shocks Raashi And Rambha

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Raashi and Rambha used to be the most happening heroines in Tollywood during 90s. The senior actresses who have been staying away from films lately made it into the news because of the wrong reasons.

The duo beauties who have stolen the hearts of so many got a huge shock from the court. Digging into the story, both the actresses acted in the weightloss advertisements of  'Colours'. Claiming that the ads are not at all acceptable and are actually misleading, Vijayawada court sent notices not to air these ads. The court also passed the judgement that 'Colours' should stop airing the ads that were shot with celebs. On this note, the court also sent notice that 'Colours' should refund the amount Rs. 74,652 a customer paid with an interest of 9%. Also, 'Colours' should pay Rs. 2 lakhs for Customer fund.

The court also warned both Rashi and Rambha not to act in advertisements which are misleading the common people and it is better for them to stay away from such companies.

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