Pawan Kalyan - A True Leader: Vijayashanti

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Congress Star Campaigner Vijayashanti have been sharing her views on various political developments in the recent past either through her social media handle or press releases. She now heaped praises on Pawan Kalyan while responding on the comments he made during 5th Formation Day of Jana Sena.

Vijayashanti: 'When Pawan Kalyan met KCR in Raj Bhavan one month ago, Media speculated that they both could have discussed about Federal Front. Then I made it clear Pawan won't fall in the trap of KCR and media offered ample coverage to my statement. As expected, Pawan showed his commitment for the welfare of public and exposed the true colours of KCR. Comments made by Pawan can't be seen just as his personal views. They reflect the current state of mind of Andhrites. Until now, There was a feeling that none of the Andhra Leaders were able to question the dictatorship of KCR. Pawan Kalyan emerged as a true leader with the warning he issued to the TRS Chief'.  

Ramulamma described KCR as the benami of BJP which has become a villain for Andhrites. She opined Rahul Gandhi-led UPA Government can alone guarantee Special Category Status for Andhra Pradesh. She went on to say Andhrites won't be deceived by the misleading tactics of Modi and KCR anymore.

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