Vijayashanti Praises Mahesh To The Skies!

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At pre-release events, we generally see fans asking for speeches about their favourite hero and even the cast, crew deliver exactly what they want.

Now, is it the prerequisite of these events or if actors feel obliged, we don't know but actors tend to praise each other more at these events than elsewhere.

Vijayashanti after 15 years did a film and she too did not mince any words in praising the lead actor. Not that we don't want her to praise anyone, but she made it obvious that she did not forget what fans need from these events.

She remembered that she saw Mahesh for the first time on her sets with Superstar Krishna and then worked with him in his first film, as a child artist, in Krishna's direction.

She also said that she did her first film in Telugu Film Industry with Krishna and she is pleased to have done her first film with Krishna's son, Mahesh on her comeback.

She praised Mahesh Babu as the most well-mannered, humble person that she loved to work with. She revealed that he never talks about his charity work with anyone and she got to know after reading about it in paper.

She called him, "Real Superstar" and said that she will always represent women who doesn't voice in society and help them as much as she can.

She thanked Anil Ravipudi, the director and Anil Sunkara, Dil Raju, the producers of the film for giving her a good character to make a comeback.
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