Vijayasai Reddy takes a Dig at Pawan Kalyan

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YSRCP MP Vijayasai Reddy lashed out at Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan for his take on the brutal incident of Disha where four inhuman beats have gang-raped and burnt her.

Reddy took to Twitter to question Pawan Kalyan's statement on Disha's incident.

"Asking how rapists will be executed looks like a serious mental issue. While the entire nation is feeling bad for the incident, he is concerned about rapists' lives. Maybe this is Pawanism? Is this why you founded the party?" read his Tweet.

"After the culprits in Disha were sent to remind, thousands of protestors went there and said they should be hanged. A Judge in Delhi said genitals of rapists should be removed. Why are they talking ion extreme level? If a girl goes out and doesn't return.. Any attack happens to a girl. Boy doing such attacks should be beaten severely with a stick in front of others," Pawan said.

His statements created a sensation in the political circles and resulted in various opinions over the statements.
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