Vijay Lost Netizens Support With One Speech

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Vijay Deverakonda is so good at promoting his projects. Especially, The kind of speeches he delivers during the pre-release events create the necessary buzz and hype for attaining fabulous openings. Youth go crazy with his carefree attitude and swag displayed publicly.

Watching Vijay Deverakonda during the pre-release event of his Brother Anand's launch pad 'Dorasani' gave a feeling that he has gone overboard. He broke down while speaking about his Brother and even recalled how his Brother used to help financially during his struggling days. People wondered what's the big deal about an Individual sending some amount of his salary to his Brother while working in US. Vijay created a scene as if his Brother has donated his two kidneys to him.

Until recently, Netizens appreciated Vijay Deverakonda for not creating an impression that he is promoting his Brother as a Hero. Post the pre-release event, He only kept receiving a lot of hatred from the Social Media Platforms. Vijay need to realise marketing alone doesn't help anyone establish as a successful Hero and one has to earn that position with talent, hardwork and determination.

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