Is Rowdy Following Shah Rukh Khan In Promotions?

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Shah Rukh Khan became undisputed King of Box Office in early 2000's and stayed on top till 2012 when rise of Aamir Khan and Salman Khan ended his undeniable rule.

Salman Khan grew even bigger with each year and today, he is on top of everyone while SRK is having a bad decade. But when it comes to promotions, still SRK is the leader of the pack.

He went on musical tours to promote hia film, Happy New Year. He went on every platform including social media OTTs to promote each of his films.

Most of his techniques are being followed today by other heroes. Vijay Devarakonda seems to have taken a leaf out of SRK's book for Dear Comrade.

SRK flew to East Europe, Dubai and USA touring with his HNY film crew as a dance group and entertained audiences all over. Movie got terrific opening as a result, everywhere. But it couldn't live up to the hype.

Vijay conducted musical events in Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai and Hyderabad. Everywhere he collaborated with local massive star and at Karnataka event, Police had to control the crowd in violent ways.

Hyderabad event saw even massive crowd and at each place Vijay and Rashmika sang songs from Dear Comrade and even danced on stage. Seems like the movie is set to take massive opening in all languages on 26th July. Can he live up to the hype? Let's wait and see.


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