Puri Jagannath To Work With Karan Johar?

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Director Puri Jagannath and Karan Johar are from contrasting school of filmmaking and thought process as well. Puri tends to think like Ram Gopal Varma but KJO is quite opposite to RGV.

But for Vijay Devarakonda both could come together. Vijay has been looking to find a way to increase his market and expand his horizon from being a Telugu hero to a Pan-India actor.

Arjun Reddy has become his passport all over and Karan Johar announced that he is interested in working with the actor, many-a-times.

Now, we hear that KJO decided to release Fighter, Vijay's next movie with Puri Jagannath in Hindi as well. He even agreed to find a happening young actress for the project, it seems.

Sara Ali Khan or even Alia Bhatt can appear in the film, it seems. For now, discussions are going on about the distribution system and percentages to finalise the agreement it seems.
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